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This is where the legacy of the great submarine vets and ships lives on. As you explore the nearly 20,000 artifacts, paintings, models, historical documents and photos, you get a sense of what life aboard a submarine is all about.

As home of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, one of only two Trident submarine bases in the world, it is only natural that St. Marys plays host to one of the world’s most extensive collections of submarine memorabilia and displays. St. Marys Submarine Museum is located right on the riverfront and offers visitors an opportunity to get up-close and personal with the history and operation of America’s most famous submarines. The museum’s working periscope is among the most modern at any museum in the world, and kids of all ages love trying their hand at a lookout. The museum features models of torpedoes, deep-sea diving suits and submarine uniforms, command plaques, photographs and scaled replicas of submarines, an area for watching movies on submarines, working sonar panels, a history of submarines, a gift shop, and a display dedicated to the eight submariners who received the Medal of Honor.


St. Marys Submarine Museum is the largest museum of its kind in the South, and the fifth largest submarine museum in the country. More than 99% of all WWII Patrol Reports and their command history files are housed here with documents previously classified and not seen by the average person or subvet.

The museum’s 5,000 square feet of displays feature shipboard equipment including a ship’s control panel, ballast control panel, working periscope, a WWII dive suit, and other items from around the world including two items from the sunken Russian submarine Kursk. Visitors are sure to find a special souvenir in the Museum’s gift shop, and there are many fine choices for overnight stays within strolling distance.

Discover yet another special reason to visit Georgia. Step back in time. Honor our revered subvets. And enjoy an adventure like no other at the St. Marys Submarine Museum.

Museum Members: FREE
(Please inquire about our annual membership program)
Adult (regular) (19-61 YRS): $5.00
Adult (senior) (62-99 YRS): $4.00
Adult (Active Duty or Retired Military & USCG): $4.00
(White-Green-Blue ID required)
Child (6-18 YRS): $3.00
Children under 6: Free




Contact Info & Location
912-882-ASUB (2782)
On St. Marys Waterfront

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